video: Dean Ambrose Ascended The Ladder Wins The WWE Money In The Bank 2016 | FULL SHOW

Cesaro was the in-ring star of this match, but it was Dean Ambrose who ascended the ladder to grab the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase. The match featured the types of spots we’ve come to know and love from this theme, but Cesaro’s in-ring prowess never ceases to amaze.242_MITB_06192016rf_4084--95af79f0dafffafc6d6d06a632af8b77

His springboard European Uppercut was in full effect, and he hit two Cesaro Swings in rapid succession.

Owens was predictably solid. His Frog Splash from the top rope onto Ambrose—who was lying on a ladder—was deliciously destructive. Owens also took the scariest bump of the night when Zayn planted him on the spine of a ladder with a Michonoku Driver.



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