Sport News: video/photos-England & Russia Fans Clash In Marseille Before And After Match Of The Day

Several Three Lions supporters have clashed with their Russian and French counterparts ahead of Saturday’s game between the two teams, with police again being forced to intervene


England supporters were embroiled in a third day of fighting with police and rival supporters in Marseille ahead of their Euro 2016 opener against Russia.

Two nights of trouble in the Vieux Port (Old Port) area of Marseille shows no signs of coming to an halt with Russian and French Ultras reportedly entering the city’s main square from a side street before throwing bottles and inciting violence.


Tear gas has been used already by police to disperse the hooligans while several England fans are receiving medical treatment following skirmishes in the city.

England fans have been involved in a number of clashes with French police since the start of the tournament, with tear gas also used on Friday evening.

Goal correspondent Chris Wheatley was on the scene on Friday, and was stunned by the level of destruction, saying: “We’ve just seen someone knocked out. Absolutely shocking scenes here in Marseille.


“I can still feel the tear gas in my eyes. There’s not much else to say apart from absolutely disgraceful scenes by England fans.

“We were told to put our cameras down by some England fans. Looking at all the shopkeepers packing way now. Absolutely disgraceful scenes now.

“Shocking scenes in Marseille. Riot police are here but obviously there’s not much they can do about it as there are thousands of England fans on the streets and about 70,000 predicted to be at Stade Velodrome for Saturday’s game.”

It appears, however, that Russian fans incited their rivals on Saturday.

The match against Russia is due to kick off at 20:00 GMT and further violence has been threatened by Russian ultras, clad in black, after the match is over.

UEFA have since released a statement saying they “firmly condemn” the ugly scenes that have taken place in Marseille.

The statement in full reads: “UEFA firmly condemns the incidents in Marseille. People engaging in such violent acts have no place in football.”

Trouble in Marseille: tear gas and riot police

Posted by Chris Wheatley on Friday, June 10, 2016






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