Photo: $ex Predator Stabbed in the Neck After Trying to r*pe 2 Women in One Night

A Nigerian man based in the United Kingdom has been senetenced to jail for attempting to r*pe two women in the same night.

A judge has praised a victim who stabbed a ‘$ex predator’ in the neck with her keys after he pounced on her in the street.Church-going student Joshua Okugbeni, 21, ran off with his trousers still down after the brave woman punctured his skin.

He had grabbed the woman from behind as she walked to work one morning – putting his hand over her mouth and dragging her towards a wall.

Okugbeni asked the victim for a kiss and pulled his own trousers down- and his victim reacted in fear she was about to be r*ped.

A court heard Okugbeni had already left another woman petrified after following her off the Newcastle Metro.

He stalked her through the streets and also grabbed her with his hand over her mouth.
Today the pharmacy student was jailed for five years and four months at Newcastle Crown Court after he admitted assault with intent to commit a $exual offence and common assault.The first victim was on her way to work around 6.45am last November when she ended up in the same Metro carriage as Okugbeni.

He moved to sit closer to her then got off behind her at Seaburn station, following her along the platform and into nearby streets.
As she walked along he suddenly grabbed her arm from behind then pretended he just wanted directions.
The woman was petrified and Okugbeni repeatedly apologised but then kept following her, as she quickened her step in fear.
She raised the alarm and Okugbeni pushed her against a door and put his hand over her mouth, muffling her shouts for help.
He then gave up, running away until he came across the second victim, who is in her 30s, and fixed his sights on her.Okugbeni was jailed for five years,four months.


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