News: Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack:’three suicide bombers detonate explosives killing 28 and leaving several wounded’

The attackers detonated their explosives just before reaching security as police fired shots at them, Turkish officials claim.

At least 28 people have reportedly been killed and dozens injured in an apparent terror attack at Turkey’s biggest airport, officials have claimed.

Three suicide bombers detonated their explosives at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul after police fired shots at them, it’s reported.

At least 60 people are believed to have been injured while taxis ferried wounded people from the airport.

At least 2 explosions and gunfire have rocked Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport

Brits have been warned to follow the advice of local authorities following the airport attack.

A spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) said: “Following an incident at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, travellers to Istanbul are advised to follow the advice of the local authorities and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“The Foreign Office currently advises that British tourists visiting Turkey should avoid demonstrations or large gatherings and remain vigilant.”

Meanwhile Foreign Office officials have said they are “urgently seeking further information” following the explosions.

Latest reports said 60 people were wounded at the airport.

British Airways passengers on flight BA680 from London Heathrow to Ataturk were returned to the UK in the wake of the blasts.

The flight had been due to land at around 11.40pm local time (9.40pm BST), shortly after the explosions.

A BA spokesman said: “We had one flight to Ataturk airport that has turned around and is coming back to London Gatwick.

“We don’t have any other services scheduled today and we will keep the situation under review.”

 Forensic experts work outside Turkey's largest airport, Istanbul AtaturkBBC correspondent Mark Lowen, speaking from a grounded plane on the Ataturk runway, told the BBC: “We are being kept on board the plane and not being allowed to disembark because of what’s happening inside the airport.

“We are not being told when we will be allowed to leave the aircraft, of course.

“I have lived here for two years and often thought coming into this airport it is a potentially vulnerable place and an attack could take place here because cars are not searched very often coming into the airport area.

“That said, as you come into the terminal building there are X-ray machines and scanners.”

Local tv images after Ataturk international airport attack with victims being taken to the state hospital


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