News: ‘ISIS are on their way to France and Belgium to attack a Brussels shopping mall and a U.S fast-food chain’ – Belgian cops warn

Beligan anti-terror unit contacted French police to warn them about some ISIS extremists who are intending to travel from Syria to France and Belgium to carry out a series of terror attacks. According to a French official, a warning note was sent police across france on Tuesday.

According to a Belgian paper Derniere Heure , The extremists could have left Syria 10 days ago, and are sailing to Europe and attempting to land in Greece and Turkey without any passports. The paper, which said it had obtained an alert message, warns that the fighters targeting a Belgian shopping mall and a US fast-food restaurant for their imminent attacks.

The French security official said that authorities are still “very cautious” about the warning and that these sort of notes are passed on to security officials regularly. He also said that this does not affect how seriously the government are treating the threat.

It is not clear whether the warning could be linked to the brutal murder of a police chief and his wife outside Paris on Monday.The official could not comment on specific details of the threat.

Belgian security is keeping security levels the same. Benoit Ramacker, spokesman for the Crisis Centre said:

 “We are still on level three, quite a high level of threat.”

Source:: TheSunUK


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