News: House of Rep member writes US Ambassador, says he was ill and couldn’t have had sex while in the US

One of the House of Representatives members, Samuel Ikon pictured, who alongside two others have been accused of sexual misconduct while in the US for an official assignment in April this year, have written to the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, asking that a thorough investigation be carried out on the matter so that his name will be cleared.

In the letter, Ikon stated that he is a happily married man who does not need to find comfort in the arms of any prostitute. According to him, he was ill all through out his stay in the US and as a result could not have had sex. Read the full text of his letter after the cut…
James F. Entwistle
Ambassador of United State of America
Abuja, Nigeria.
It is with a deep sense of sadness and great hurt that I write to respond to a letter dated June 9, 2016 addressed to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, copied to me and signed by you, alleging that I, Hon. Samuel Ikon, with Hon. Mark Gbillah requested hotel parking attendants assist us solicit  prostitutes.
Let me state unequivocally sir that this allegation is not just false, but in bad taste. I Hon. Samuel Ikon never on that trip, nor on any trip to the US or anywhere in this world, ever sought to consort with prostitutes. This act would not only be inimical to my health, but totally unacceptable to my faith.
May I draw your attention Mr. Ambassador to the fact that I almost did not make that trip due to my state of health, a situation that was well known to your mission accompanying staff Mrs. Victoria Ibi. Even at the airport before our departure, I still was not sure but travelled due to the deep respect and appreciation I had at the time for the US government nominating me for the program on one hand, and the fact that I carried necessary medication for the Malaria and Typhoid that I was diagnosed of.
Mr. Ambassador, I was miserable throughout our stay in Washington DC and only got a bit stable in Cleveland when the medication began to kick in. Secondly, I was at the same time on medication to reduce my PSA level which tests in February this year had indicated a disturbing increase thus the issue of sex was totally ruled out for me in view of my health (laboratory results available if needed). I therefore find it funny and unacceptable to be so linked as in your letter.
I have another proof of my innocence which wiII completely tear down this false conclusion but will leave it out for a later time should you fail  to redeem my integrity and I am forced to take legal action.
I wish to categorically state that at no time did I either alone, or in the company of Hon. Mark Gbillah a gentlemen with impeccable moral standing, approach any parking lot staff or any hotel staff for that matter to assist me solicit for prostitutes. It never happened nor was ever intended or thought of.
I have been in the legislature in the past nine (9) years and has attended over 30 conferences, seminars and meetings in about 20 countries globally and has never sought for a prostitute in any of these countries including the USA. I was in New York for a UN hearing on Narcotics in February for 4 days and never sought for a prostitute. My impeccable record of accomplishment is there to be seen. I have done programs in Harvard and Stanford Universities in the US and completed them successful without an incident or request  for  prostitutes.
I am an Elder in my Church since 2006 and clearly knows the tenets and doctrines of my faith one of which abhors such desires for prostitutes as such very offensive to be so linked.
His Excellency sir, let me inform you that I am happily married to a woman who is a mother, friend and confidant to me for twenty (20) years now and I have no reason to seek comfort in the bosom of a prostitute with all the attendant health risks especially the latest known as Zika Virus which has entered the USA.
Mr Ambassador, I therefore find this false allegation condemnable, repugnant and totally unacceptable to me.
Most distressing is the statement in your letter that your mission took pains to confirm this allegation and my identity. How sad. How can you confirm it to be my identity when I never had such an encounter with any hotel staff.
Moreover, how did you come to such conclusion without any fair hearing as you never sought my own view or account. Not driving a car myself, what would I be doing at the parking lot area, to then meet a staff there for such discussions?
May I draw your Excellency’s attention to how he would feel or react if after a meeting, say in the state department in Washington DC, he returns to Abuja only to receive a letter two months later that he sought to consort with prostitutes whilst in DC, an allegation His Excellency knows is false because he never did such . That’s exactly how I feel now.
(I) I never sought anyone’s help to get prostitutes .
(2) I never had need for prostitutes.
(3) My health situation especially at the time could not have allowed such desires.
(4) My faith abhors such desires.
(5) I have never desired a prostitute .
I wish to draw your attention to the fact that it was myself and Hon. Mark Gbillah that sought to travel with our wives but your mission advised against it yet my reason for wanting to travel with my wife was because of my health condition at the time of  the trip.
His Excellency sir, kindly note that I attended every session of the program from day 1 to the last, missing only a lunch date due to my medication time.
Worthy to note is the fact that there was a basketball match that period and the hotel had a lot of guests as such this may be a case of mistaken identity. I couldn’t even attend the game due to my state of health as my body couldn’t stand the chill weather for long.
I therefore urge that you review this case within 7 days taking a more detailed look at the evidences available for such like video recordings especially audio showing time and date of such discussions. So you can realize that a mistake has been made here and my integrity restored, else I will be seeking legal redress in competent courts of law both in Nigeria and in the US.
I am olive and not dead. I am sane and capable of knowing what I did, said and who I met. As such cannot accept this false allegation by your mission on my person and reputation built over the years.
Mr. Ambassador sir, United States is held in high esteem for its providing platforms for liberties and the rule of law. It’s my hope that these beliefs will not fade in my sight due to this great injustice.
On the issue of revocation of Visas, I wish to state that until my name is cleared and apologies tendered , I have no intention to visit a country where I can be so easily accused and adjudged so, without any fair hearing as such you need not worry.
Your Excellency, I am confident that you will take steps to address my response to your letter as it will be most unfair to taint my reputation, carrier and psych by o false and untrue allegation.
It is sad that this false allegation has gone to the press and now in the public domain further tarnishing my image and reputation. I hope you will address this aspect properly when the issue is fully resolved.
While awaiting your action in this regard, be assured of my highest regards.
Yours faithfully,
Rt. Hon. Samuel Ikon






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