Dimitri Payet takes a lot of Hate for injuring Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (Tweets)

Dimitri Payet injures Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was forced off injured from tonight’s Euro 2016 final after just 25 minutes, but the damage was done long before.

Ronaldo suffered a knee injury from a tough tackle from West Ham man Dimitri Payet; the Real Madrid man tried his best to play on and run the injury off, but he finally had to succumb to the injury and was stretchered off.

Cue lots of hate…and love

Inevitably given Ronaldo’s huge fanbase (he is the most followed person on Facebook), the culprit of the tackle has taken a lot of heat on Twitter: step forward Dimitri Payet.

The West Ham man is receiving all sorts of abuse from Portugal and Ronaldo fans, who don’t seem to care whether Payet got the ball or not.

It’s hard to discern whether Payet had any malicious intent or not, but in truth this looked like an unlucky injury for Ronaldo.

Payet got the ball, and seemed to accidentally injure Ronaldo, whose leg was planted in the ground.

But with emotions running high as is often the way with football, Cristiano fans don’t want to hear any defence of Payet, who won’t be welcome in Portugal any time soon.

Sadly, there’s also been some love for Payet from Ronaldo haters, but we won’t post those sad tweets.









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